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Stop Calling It Pant, See The Correct Name

Sometimes we say the English word confidently, not knowing it's wrong. Not because we hate studying or being smart, but because we are used to everyone around us saying it the same way. Hence, it is advisable to maintain good reading habits regardless of your age and academic excellence.

Have you noticed that most people call these underwear "pants"? You are wrong. The correct name is "panties". The plural is "panties".

Women's trousers are different from "women's pants". Women's pants are the pants you usually wear when you go out. When in doubt, go to Google and type in the word "ladies pants" to see for yourself. Then search for the word "panties" to confirm this.

Opinion: Friends, this is important to know if you are planning to buy a gift for your girlfriend. It would be embarrassing to buy her underwear in a place where she is used to wearing pants. You may feel disappointed. If the woman you meet is not academically enlightened, you can run away.

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