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They Call My Mother A Witch Because I Was Born This Way: Meet The 13-Year-Old Boy With A Natural Bag

None of us and I mean none of each and every one of us knows what might happen in the next second or minute yet we still go forward because we have trust and we have faith.

Problems shape and make us grow, and the biggest problem people have is that they only hope for a life free of problems, but full of peace, luxury, unfathomable comfort, satisfaction, and joy that came with a bang.

I am Rebecca Bantie, a Nursing Training College student in Wa, and I write to inspire with a song on my lips and empathy in my veins, I write to inspire, conquer, lift, educate, inform, and hit the door of your problems, making it realize you have inspiring stories to read and learn from.

Meet Shadia, a girl who in her teens who was forced into marriage at a very early stage of her life turned pregnant and ended up with bad omens she never dreamt of as a girl while growing up. She has a son now who also goes by the name Abdul Mogisa who is a 13-years-old disabled boy who can't talk and above all has a spinal disorder.

According to Shadia, she was forced into marriage at a very early age which resulted in her pregnancy. She added that she gave birth to a baby boy and just after two months her husband dies. This made her late husband hate her and her society at large.

Shadia has now moved to a new community as a result of the stigma and depression she goes through hearing others referring to her as the lady with a bad spirit that she used in killing her husband and destroying her baby.

While Abdul was growing up, Shadia later realized her son was not only disabled but was also deaf and dumb in addition to his hunchback; a back deformed by a sharp forward angle, forming a hump, typically caused by the collapse of a vertebra.

Due to the neglect, Shadia was convinced by her friends and society to poison her only son because the stigma she was going through was not ending any time sooner.

Keep going because situations and life challenges only make up stronger and stronger teaching and training us to defeat our fears in the end. Your hardest time always leads to the greatest moments of your life.

Content created and supplied by: RebeccaBentie (via Opera News )

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