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Husband and wife relationship

I Told Her To Test My Husband But She Took Him Away From Me

Whoever plays with fire ends up getting burned and that's what happened to me. I just dug my own grave trying to tempt the devil and I blame on one but myself. I am married and my husband is the most exceptional man in the world. We have been married for five years but the problem is that we do not have a child of our own. You know how a woman without children will feel in a Ghanaian household at the hands of her in laws.

My mother in law decided to let my husband take a second wife. Her goal was to get a grandchild and she vowed to do whatever her might would allow her to do. Fortunately for me, my husband was against his mother opinion. As a humble christian, he kept on reassuring his mother that a child will be born when the Lord sees the time to be right. 

One day my best friend came to visit me and I was telling her about my household. It was during the conversation when my husband entered the room. It was at this point I harbored a plan. The plan included my husband and the friend who visited. To make things easier, I introduced her to my husband and vice versa.

After my husband left, I asked my friend to seduce him. She agreed after a long conversation. My man also gave in and the two had sleep together. At first she gave me detailed information until they took action. For three months, it was yesterday that I learned the news of her pregnancy. I'm screwed, I cry all the tears in my body because I have just delivered the future of my home in the hands of my best friend. To all woman out there never follow my steps.

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