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For A Life Partner, The Ultimate Decision Relies On You; Let Your Mind Work With Your Heart.


Sometimes, you become very excited when your friends show approval for your newfound love. Erroneously, we assume that this is the right person to settle with, that is not entirely true. Everyone has their preferences. For instance, your friends may be approving your new angel because of the height, complexion, voice, or profession of your love. Candidly, their endorsement has a fiddling percentage count, especially in this circumstance. Some parents also make similar mistakes when it comes to their consent and approval in such situations.

Though sometimes people can perceive what you cannot see when you are even closer than them, this is not exclusively the case with relationships. It is alright to have such approvals, but you must prayerfully and respectfully have the final say.

In the late nineties, a man I encountered now and then as a casual friend called his parents on the phone at a call centre, thanking them for choosing a wonderful wife for him. It was a lengthy conversation that focused on praises and appreciation for the wonderful wife his parents had given him. If I remember correctly, in that same year, the same man came to call his parents again concerning his wife, guess what. This time around, the conversation went opposite direction of the previous one. He spent a long time on the phone with his parents condemning the character of his then angel but has become his “devil”.

He emphatically told the parents, “you have to arrange and come for her, I told her to pack her things and leave, but she is not making any attempt to do so”. Unknown to him, his wife trailed him to the call centre and eavesdropped on his conversation with the parents. Can you imagine the gravity of disaster afterwards?

When choosing a life partner, the hard reality is that you are the one to live with whoever you decide to settle with as a spouse. Therefore, you have to allow your brains to work concurrently with your heart. Because relationship or marriage is not pivoted on love only, other factors supplement it to be complete and fulfilling. Therefore, you must be man or woman enough to decide to avoid the blame game. Bear in mind that, whoever you choose to settle with as a spouse, you will either enjoy or endure the aftermath thereof. Therefore, allow your brains and heart to work together and prayerfully take the best decision.

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