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Girls drives men crazy when they do these things

It’s not so much gestures as things women are more likely to do for themselves than to attract men.

There are a lot of things that drive men nuts over women, there are the usual ones, but I'm going to mention a few.


Men love women who knows how to dress. What I'm talking about is a woman that knows her body, knows where her body excels, brings only the slightest bit of attention to it and looks like she never put any thought into it. When I see a business woman that looks super hot, yet isn't really doing anything”hot” it drives men crazy.

Exposing cleavage to men.

Humans are the only mammals whose breasts (on females) and lips are also erogenous zones. Even small breasts, which I personally prefer, are super attractive to men, so if you show any cleavage at all, or have them in a nice bra—or no bra—that’s especially difficult for our horny male brains to ignore.

Perfume and Makeup: We try to deny it, but perfume drives men crazy, and also makes us mindful of our own scent. But perfume and makeup, don’t overdo it, because that’s repulsive. Caked on makeup and a strong scent of perfume is obnoxious; be subtle to the point that we don’t consciously notice when it comes to perfume and makeup.

Sense of humor

Another thing is a woman with a great sense of humor who can laugh at you, laugh at herself or just plain smile. I've seen so many women that would not be by the world's standard “attractive” at least physically. Yet they have a million megawatt smile and love to laugh, and they always have guys interested in them. A woman's smile can move heaven and Earth, it's more powerful than any man's biceps.

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