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Dating Romantic

True love overcomes everything.

If you have ever been heart broken in love, you would know how sensitive a person becomes. In that time, it is only love, empathy and care that can comfort.

Love is a beautiful emotion with a great healing power. It is one thing that can connect you with a completely unknown person. When two people are connected by their heart, anything that brings pain in that relationship is felt deep. When such a person doesn't meet our expectations, we feel deeply heart broken. It can seem very difficult to accept it and many times people start to mistrust love.

The truth is that it is not the love that has wounded you, it is the actions of the person that has. Regardless of what has caused the wound, the healing can only happen with self love and love of those who want to see you heal.

To heal a wounded heart, you need to keep your heart open. Closing your heart, you can never change your experience of love.

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