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Ways To Make Someone Fall In Love With You With Little Or No Effort

No matter who you are as a person or your love language, just bear in mind that love is selfless. Loving someone is about giving wholeheartedly and not necessarily receiving anything back. Growing up into adulthood, I realised that there are certain actions or mannerisms you can do to make yourself more likeable as a person and catch the eye of the person you’re falling hard for. Guess you are interested, then I present to you four tips that can help.


Make the first move by texting but do not be a nuisance in any way. Send them a message just to ask how their day went, or if they’ve got anything going on. This shows them that you’re interested in them and their lives and also proves you’re confident.


Take one week and analyse how you talk to other people. Do you interrupt them? Are you negative towards them? These aren’t attractive traits or whatsoever. Try to listen to what someone has to say and provide follow-up questions, like, “What did you do then?” Give them literally all of your attention. It’ll make them feel important, and they’ll feel more comfortable and calm around you.


Showing someone, you care about them in this type of way tells them that you have a big heart. Even if they’re facing a situation that seems common (like they’re studying hard for their exams and are nearing a breakdown, or if they got in a fight with a friend or have very busy work schedules) make sure to let them know how you feel for them. Even saying something like “that’s really difficult” will show them you can empathize with the situation. Just make sure you don’t twist the situation and make it about you. There’s a good chance they’re not asking for life advice.


Eye contact plays a huge role in improving any relationship. It shows that you’re focused on them, and a lot of people like that. Just make sure not to stare. If you’re a little worried that it may come off as being unnatural, try making eye contact with your parents, or siblings, and see what their response is like. People with who you already have established relationships are great to practice these subtle moves on.

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