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Signs that shows that your partner is ready for break up

1. They are being secretive

A typical movie stereotype involves a partner who is having an affair or concealing feelings. You're already familiar with the plot. Look at the wider picture of what your significant other's actions might signify if you observe them covertly checking their phone, logging off of Facebook quickly, going out with unusual pals, or not discussing their plans.

2. They threatens to leave you

Light-hearted banter is one thing, but if your partner threatens to leave you or jokes about breaking up, it could be on their mind. And if they handle disagreements with threats about ending the relationship, they're probably not fully invested in the first place.

3. They pick up fight with you

Every couple argues from time to time, but it's a problem if small debates frequently turn into blowouts. Sure, your fight may just be a phase or an outlet for some unrelated issue, but if there's no logical reason behind them, your partner could be creating drama as an excuse to leave you.

4. They cut back on their communications.

You call and they don't answer. You text and it goes unreplied. If your partner is cutting back your daily communication, then you may want to wonder why. When a person is unsure of a relationship, it's common to slowly reduce the amount of contact they have with their partner.

5. You feel unappreciated.

If you don't remember the last time you heard a simple “Thank you” or “You're the best,” you might start to wonder if your partner appreciates you. When a person is halfway out the door, it's normal for them to justify their actions by denying how great their partner actually is. In other words, to feel better about themselves, they'll stop recognizing your efforts and love.

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