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Date gone wrong: Checkout the reaction of a boy after his date decided to drain him with her friends

I don't understand why some ladies tend to make things complicated when those things could have been made very easy. Whenever a guy asks you on a date and you think you won't feel secured, please tell the guy and if possible, ask him if he would be okay if you bring someone with you on the date. This shows you have some sort of respect for the relationship you are trying to build with the guy. Also, it will help avoid any embarrassing situations which are likely to occur in public.

There has been many different incidences where ladies took their friends with them on dates only to get the guys angry. These girls go on the dates and the next thing you will realize is, three boxes of pizza will already be gone. A clear example is the incident which happened quite recently after a guy arrived late on his date with a lady he met online only to see the friends of the lady present at a table and already eating. He asked them to excuse him, he had to visit the washroom only run away without paying a cedi because he felt they had taken him for a fool. They called him after they realized he was no more returning and pleaded with him to come back because they had no money and had already spent GH¢600 on food. They were just some hungry individuals who wanted to drain him, he thought.

This article is going to be focused on a circulating video of a young man who had regretted asking to meet a lady on a date. I will leave the link to the video at the end of this article so you can check it out if you really want to see what happened. I am sure he had budgeted his money and was feeling okay till he saw his lady and her friends come to sit at the table. Who does that? Why would you invite your friends without telling the person who is going to be responsible for the costs of the proposed meeting?

I am not sure if these ladies just came to meet him or if they were just hungry. From the circulating video, you could see the ladies tearing down pizza like it was nobody's business. This would have been normal if the reaction of the gentleman was positive but looking at chairman, you could see that the money he took to the date was not enough. 

He was clearly crying inside and wished that day never existed. I am sure the end of the date will surely bring trouble knowing well that he might not be able to pay the money.

Ladies, please note that men bleed just like you do and so, don't treat them in a way which you wouldn't like if they try to reciprocate. Taking your friends with you on a date without informing the person who will bear the costs is very bad because you never know what might happen over there. Aside the embarrassment which is likely to be caused, your date might think you have no respect for him after not telling him your plans. This can end your relationship. Also, the same friends you take on that date can snatch your man from you. Below is the link to the video.

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