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Date Rush: why "super heavily endowed" Shamima chose Ali over others

Viewers of Date Rush were taken to the moon on Sunday night when a super heavily endowed lady proudly stormed the stage with a gorgeous dancing moves in search of love. Shamima took all the gentlemen by surprise with her magistically crafted body shape and all the goodies that accompanied it. Some of the guys including Sammy, popularly known as "the past is not the present" kept their mouths opened in dismay as the 26 year old rocked the stage with life and vigor.

According to Shamima, her last relationship fell on the rock when she realized that the man was married to another woman with three kids, contrary to what she was made to believe. "One day, we were at the beach having fun when his wife came", she said.

Soon, it was time for decision. Shockingly, some of the guys openly declared that they could not handle Shamima therefore decided to turn off their rushes.

After series of interactions, three guys left rushes on including Ali and Desmond.

To everyone's surprise, Shamima decided to choose Ali out of the three gentlemen. This led to massive cheers and applause from the rest of the guys and the audience.

The choice of Ali came as a surprise to many petrons of the show who have been reacting on social media, with some questioning why Shamima decided to choose Ali out of the three gentlemen.

Some are of the view that the choice of Ali is due to his religious background. That is to say that both Ali and Shamima share the same religion.

However, Shamima revealed during the interview section of the show that she decided to choose Ali because his colleagues were chanting his name when she stormed the stage. Indeed everyone deserves love!

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