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My Wife Keeps On Telling Everyone Even Our Kids That My Mother Is A Witch- Fiction

Hi dear reader friends, I come to you today to explain the challenge I am facing and ask your different opinions in order to be able to find a solution to my problem. It all started when my wife called my mom a witch.

Five years ago, I wanted to settle down and start my own family. I told my mom about it and she said she would help me find a good wife. Although I suggested women to her, she was not too happy. I didn't mind her as it was my decision to make and not hers.

I later brought a young woman to meet my mum by my mother did not like her. Her reasons for disliking her was that she could not speak twi. Few days later, my mother went to our hometown and sent me a woman. She wanted a woman who spoke our language and understood our tradition. After many advices from the elders in my family and I decided to trust my mother. I then took the woman she brought me from the village. She was beautiful and had just finished high school.

We have two children now. One day my oldest son was playing with me and told me a something saying, “Mom said grandma is a witch, so we shouldn't go to her house”. I was so surprised and heartbroken. My wife warned our children against my mother who recommended that I marry her.

I need advice on how to handle this. I don't know if a prophet is cheating on my wife. What to do? Help me please.

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