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Leaked Whatsapp Chat Between A Married Woman And A Sidechick That Got People Talking

A leaked whatsapp chat between a married woman and her husband's sidechick has become a point of discussion among social media users.

The leaked chat is believed to have taken place between a suppose married woman and another lady who is a sidechick of her husband.

In the said leaked chat, the married woman started the conversation after discovering that, the sidechick phone number is on her husband's cell phone.

She started by asking the sidechick whether she and the husband are lovers because, she has seen her contact on the man's phone.

The sidechick then replied by admitting that, yes and asked what is wrong with that.

But, ostensibly, the married woman is also having another man outside her matrimonial home as she requested the sidechick to convince her husband to sleep at her place, so that she can also go and see the other man.

This leaked Whatsapp chat has got many social media users talking about how married people nowadays are not loyal to each other.

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