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Please I want to put an end to this, I need help - Caesarian section mother

The rate of divorce has increased overtime and most times I question if the supposed spouse never noticed any bad character in the other, before going into the marriage. However, it's better to leave alive than to stay in the marriage while suffering.

A young lady and caesarian section mother has cried out following the domestic violence meted out to her by her lawfully wedded husband. This woman seems to be tired of the treatment so she has cried out asking for help to put an end to the mistreatment.

See her post below:

According to the lady identified as Mhiziz Faaz, she has given birth through the caesarian section thrice and her husband still beats her up. It's so bad as the woman has been beaten beyond recognition.

Below is a photo of how she looks:

Now my question is, why would a man lay his hands on a woman? It is so unfair and the man needs to be brought to book. So many people have reacted to this post and I'll be showing you some comments below.

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Caesarian Mhiziz Faaz


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