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A Woman Retells How She Caught Her Boyfriend Sleeping With Another Lady After She Went To Visit Him

A woman by the name of Yaa Amponsah met her boyfriend Sammy well known as Sika who is a sawmill worker at Ahensan one evening. He proposed to her at that time and also promised to marry her. Yaa said the promise Sammy gave to her made her accept to be in a relationship with him but she noticed that the man is a womanizer few months later. The woman states that they were staying happily and making plans for their future.

One day she caught Sammy sleeping with another lady in his room when she went visit him, the painful part is that he sacked her from the house because of the new girlfriend. This continued for quite a long period which made her sad but she continued to date him, Yaa said she has been washing her boyfriend's bedspread with stains after he sleeps with the other women on it, meanwhile he doesn't give her any money to buy washing powder or soap.

The woman added Sammy only sleeps with her if none of his other girlfriends visit him but he also feels shy that she is his girlfriend. Although the man sleeps with her anytime he needs her but he will sacked her at midnight or early in the morning to prevent his other tenants from seeing her in his room. She revealed that no matter how badly Sammy treats her, she tried to clean up his house and perform other household chores for him but he never show any concern for her.

The woman claims that she got rumours from Sammy's other tenants that some of those women even fight whenever they meet in his house but she never pay attention to those rumours. One evening, she went to visit Sammy without informing him, but she again caught him sleeping with another woman, the man got upset with her and beats her for visiting him unexpectedly. He even threatened her that he will let those men in his neighbourhood to also beat her if she tries to go to his house again.

Yaa said she tried to move on with her life and forget about Sammy but he came to plead with her to forgive him. Because of the love she has for him, she accepted him back. Yaa said her boyfriend has been taking care of her and also performs well in bed that's why she can't forget about him. But she has now realized that Sammy can't help her in any way, she decided to quit the relationship because of how he treats her. The woman shares that she wants her boyfriend to compensate her with an amount of GHC2,000 before she will break up with him.

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