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Golden Tips: Five Essential Advices For A Better Relationship

5 useful tips to make your love story come to fruition and last. "Love is like a bonfire, if you don't fan it sooner or later it ends up being extinguished". Love means a feeling intense of affection and attachment to a living being or thing that pushes those who feel the search for physical proximity, or even intellectual imagination with the object of that love. The love experienced for another person can lead to adopting a particular behavior and result in a romantic relationship if this love is shared. Love in its various forms acts as a major factor in social relations and occupies a central place in psychology which also makes it one of the most common themes in art.

1. Sincerity

Be sincere or truthful in your relationships. You do not hide things that will later discredit you and make the relationship much more difficult or impossible. Show yourself as you are.

2. Attraction

Work the attraction . For love to be successful, there must be a great attraction. Work on attracting your partner. But do it naturally and let it come out of you. The attraction can be physical, intellectual, sentimental but it must be a huge pull, don't forget it

3. Respect your partner

Respect the maxim that says that love is understanding and complicity. Leave selfishness and think about your partner and taking care of her as much as you take care of yourself. Details for a lifetime ...

Be an accomplice of your partner's wishes.

4. Communication

Remember that love is communication . Do not have reservations, communicate all your thoughts, illusions, preferences, frustrations, problems, desires, with your partner.

5. Be positive

Be positive and be happy. The best antidote to love problems is to be happy. Do everything you can to be happy. Surround your relationship with positive things.

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