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18-Years-Old Young Boy Lock Lips With An Old Woman; Says He's Deeply In Love With Her.

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An 18-year-old young boy called "Bongani Eiman" has cause a major stir on the internet after he posted a picture of him looking lips with an old granny. He claims to have fallen in love with her deeply.

News source; Bongani Eiman (Facebook)

This wouldn't be the first time we are seeing this things happening in various parts of the world. Could it be possible that the world is truly coming to an end or it is just a modern life? Could it be for a wealthy purpose or it is actually the love we all know? An 18-year-old boy falling in love with an old granny? This is questionable.

According to the young boy, he said love is not about age, when it comes to love, age is just a number. He added that she's the best thing to happen to him. So people shouldn't be surprised about his decision to have a relationship with someone old enough to be his grandmother.

"Guys love is not about age okay, so this is my 'Loml', I'm in love with her deeply. I love you my love you are the best thing that ever happened in my life. love When I'm with you,the only thing I want to do is to hold you tight ...keep you warm and never let you go you all meet my soulmate" he said

Another person upon seeing the post also confessed how he's married to a lady he's much older than. He added that he's fully in support with his decision.

But according netizens who sighted on the post, almost all of them were of the view that he is purposely doing it to get the opportunity to get close to old woman's riches.

What is your take on that? Kindly drop your comments about what you think regarding their relationship.

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