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Check Out The Demonic Spirits Behind Spiritual Marriages And Ways To Break Away From Them.

Evangelist Kwesi Amagyei revealed on No 1 FM the demons or the demonic spirits that are involved in spiritual marriages and how they operate.

Evangelist Kwesi Amagyei said, there are a lot of demons or demonic spirits involved in spiritual marriage but the one he was much focused on was the Marine spirits of kingdom.

This marine kingdom operates in the sea, they come into the world each and every day to win souls for themselves one of the type of people they like the most are the Christians.

One of the ways the Marine Kingdom or spirits operates is, When you are a woman and you like to show your breast, thighs and a lot of your private parts or you are a guy and you like to walk out the compound or your house with bear chest or wearing on your underwear, it makes the spirits attracted to you.

The other is also when they give you money and cloth as a gift they use it to get married to you too.

The way to break away from this spiritual marriage is by using this leaves popularly known or called Nyenya in Ghana on you after using Ezekiel 47:12 a quotation to pray on it.

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