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How To Convince Your Girlfriend To Join You In Bed When She Visits

Most guys are ignorant about what to do to take things to the physical level with their ladies or women at large. This really nauseates them. Some guys get discouraged and hence back off when they could have behaved like jerks in heat and end up forcing themselves on the women. For this reason, I write this article bringing into knowledge the steps or how to convince your woman into being in the mood with you. These could make her have one of the most interesting sensual experience of her life.

1. Don't Rush, Go Slow

Some guys just expect their ladies to move into their pace when they have actually started from a zero physical contact with her. The inevitable is, it normlly backfires leaving the guy feeling guilty and disturbed. Rather, begin slowly. Don't rush things. Most ladies feel as you rush, you only want to satisfy yourself and leave them unsatisfied and pissed. Touch the small of her back as if removing something for her.

Lightly take her arms in yours as you face opposite her in a conversation. These innocent little gestures will make her feel comfortable and expect more from you.

2. Slowly Whisper Into Her Ears

Maybe, you have not realized this, that one of the most erogenous zones of the female body is the ear. You can use it to your advantage. Now this is how it's done: instead of moving straight up to kiss her, just get closer and whisper something nice in her ears. It can be anything romantic or a little joke. What you say doesn't really matter. Just get close to her ears and whisper something exciting.

Make sure your voice is soft and soothing and you have your lips gently brushing against the walls of her earlobe. Breathe softly as you are uttering the words. This will surely cause shivers down her spine. It means you are on course.

3. Teasing Her By Using Anticipation

One way to build anticipation and creating sexual tension is to tease a woman. This is the way to do it: tell her in a flirting way that she's a pretty simple girl and that she should be careful with guys like you. Now creating anticipation and building the right mood for a night of sexual delight is pushing to hilt by teasing her with your eyes, speech and judicious use of your fingers.

Look deep into her eyes, stroke her hair and caress her face. Try to turn her on . It's a challenge. Try and live up to it. By this moves you will feel her goose bumps. She becomes unease to be at wherever she's sitting in your room. Your urge of getting her to bed is quarter way a success.

4. Try The Kiss Test

If a girl is prepared to be kissed and response with enthusiasm, chances are she would also be prepared to take things to the next level. If you're in your room, try gauging her mood by lightly brushing your lips against hers. Take note if you are planning to make it a special moment, use your kisses like a teaser. Don't rush to stick your tongue into her mouth. Be playful, kiss her lightly.

Make her crazy with passion and her eagerness will take care of the rest. This time she will like to get up of the chair to have standing kisses with you as her hands will be moving around your head. Still don't rush. Let her take care of the rest.

5. Share Touches With Her

Guys are known to freak out if a girl asks them to stop if they are about to take it to the next level. Women sometimes get nervous if they start feeling smothered and overpowered so don't rush her, instead get her to make the next move. As her hands are all over your head during kissing, try and make her sit again as you do same. Place her hands on your thighs slowly, close enough to your Rock of Gibraltar.

Don't be surprised if she takes things to the next level from there. Don't forget to also move your hands around body because as she began, she expects you to do same.

6. Massage Her

As you two are in the touching mood, be smart enough to deepen your touches to massage. Your girlfriend or woman will feel uncomfortable at the prospect of being in bed with you. It might be her first time. So don't be in hurry to jump into bed. To heat things up and get her in the mood of being in bed with you, offer her a gentle massage. It's relaxing and it feels good.

This could be done when she enjoys the little teasing massage. She would like to get more so she would rise with you and direct your movement to bed for effective massage. Every woman loves massage. Take it gently. It puts her in a very receptive mood. Start with a simple hand massage. If you sense that she is enjoying it, take things a further step. Get some scented massage oil or baby oil and rub her neck and if she loosens a strap or two, then her lower back as well.

Light a few candles and play some soft music to create that magical atmosphere. Massaging her is a great way of getting her out of her clothes without making her feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. I am telling you, you are 90% on your way to success. Don't rush. Massage her until she gives the greenlight for the business.

These are the great steps you can take to convince your woman to join you in bed when she visits. Stay tuned for more.

Content created and supplied by: Collinskkboateng (via Opera News )

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