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How To Balance Work And Parenting As A Single Parent

Being a parent while working full-time can be tough, but it can be even tougher if you’re doing it alone. Life as a single parent brings a whole new set of challenges to childcare that can be difficult to overcome. But, your love for your kids and your desire to be professional can help you jump any hurdle that might arise. If you focus on your family, find a good balance in your work life, and find some time for yourself, you can conquer this thing. You’ll have some tough times, but you’ll be stronger because of it and your kids will be, too!

Cut costs where you can. Being a single parent can be really tough financially. Know that you can still give you kids a wonderful life without spending a lot of money. Do fun things that are cost-free like going to the park, watching a movie at home, or playing with them outside.

Find coupons for things that you need to buy at the store. Search online for the cheapest prices.

Cut out unnecessary expenses like cable or home phone.

Stay calm even when you feel overwhelmed. Parenting is one of the toughest jobs in the world, and going it alone can be very stressful. To keep yourself sane, try meditation. Spend 10 minutes in an quiet space daily and focus only on your breathing and your body. This will help clear your mind and calm you down.

Unfamiliar with meditation? Download an app like Headspace or Calm to help.

Find ways to get things done while spending time with the kids. Fold laundry while they play in the same room or watch a show with them and respond to emails during commercial breaks. This will show them that you are present while you’re also able to manage your other responsibilities.

If they’re old enough, ask them to do chores with you.

Spend time with friends. Don’t forget about your life outside of your kids! Call up your friends to come over when the kids are asleep and have a glass of wine while watching a movie. Get a sitter and go out dancing on the weekends. Staying connected to your friends can help you de-stress and let loose.

Take turns hosting sleepovers with your friends with kids. Once every month or so, keep your friend's kids at your place so they can have a night out, and then have them return the favor for you. This will give both of you some much needed alone time.

Make time for yourself. Even though it’s tough, remember that you’re not just a single parent or an employee. You’re a person who has needs, too. Each day, make a little time just for you. Go out on dates again if you want! Read a book, take a hot bath, or sit on the porch alone with some lemonade. Now go forth and continue to be the awesome parent that you are!

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