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Ways of coping with loneliness.

You are new to an area and struggling to make friends. Or the people you love seem to be in a different phase of their lives than you are. Or you've got all the friends you could want, but you still don't feel comfortable and are still lonely, then this article will help you. Here are some ways of coping with loneliness.

1. Create a list of activities you can do by yourself.

Ironically, if you only ever try to cure your loneliness by surrounding yourself with people, it can be remarkably short-lived. "As soon as that person leaves, you're lonely again, Instead, have a list of simple activities you enjoy or would be willing to try when you're alone.

2. Find a way to move your body that you enjoy.

It's not so much about exercise as it is about getting in touch with your sensory system, which can encourage a state of connection and flow. What you're trying to do is engage your body and engage your mind out of the loneliness, Surfing, playing soccer, sailing, and walking barefoot in sand or grass all of these can help you pay attention to the sensations in your body.

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