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Divorce Affair

My Husband To Be Cheated On Me With My Sister- Fiction

I come from a family of 7 children which includes 4 boys and 3 girls. I am the last of the daughters, Adwoa, who is the eldest, is my half sister as she does not not have the same mother as the rest of us, but no one knew because we were all treated equally. She came into our lives when she was 14, her mother couldn't stand her anymore because she, according to her mother, is growing into a bad and stubborn girl. Her mother complained that she was smoking.

I was to marry Raymond, a man I had dated for two years. Raymond was a young and handsome man, in addition he had a good financial status. He was very kind and caring. When he came home to see me, everyone called out to me about the behavior of Adwoa, my half sister, she stuck too close to him. I could not sense any dangers there. I found reasons to misinterpret things. Often, she accompanied me and my darling on our outings, like I was close to her. She was my confidante, because Serwaa, my older sister, being married, did not have much time. But now my life has completely change. One month before my wedding with Raymond, I couldn't reach him.

So I decided to surprise him. It's weird but I had a feeling something was pushing me there. When I got into the apartment, I found it.

As in a nightmare, I saw him embrace a woman and the crowning shock was Adwoa, my adored sister, the one who was my confident, at least as I thought. They were naked. She was frozen and he panicked. It's like the sky is falling on my head. These two people that I loved so much. How long had their relationship lasted? I didn't say anything and left. I didn't say anything to my parents. When he calls me I don't pick up. According to him, it is she who came to see him. She's the one who harasses him all the time. It's true that at first he found her weird but hey, I reassured him.

It's all my fault, if I had listened to my family, this would not have happened. I'm lost, Adwoa begged me by all means to talk to her, but I'm lost, I don't want to talk to her anymore. But at the same time I thank the good Lord, I saw her real behavior. She called me every name, outside, she was jealous of me, of us because for her, everything was successful for us so here is what I lived. Imagine if I was married before making this discovery.

It took me two years to find myself. He doesn't tell me anything more, but she, my sister, the one I loved so much, I consider her dead because it is from her that the worst betrayals have come. Today, I have rebuilt my life but I have always remained suspicious.

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