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A young man got down from his car and started removing his clothes

The Alleged Sakawa young man got down from his car and started shouting and saying I don’t need your car, I don’t need your money.

According to the information circulating, the young man has delayed doing his regular rituals, so the spirit got angry and attacked him in his car when he was with his girlfriend on the street.

The young man was seen in the video jumping down from his car and started removing his clothes, and her girlfriend was also shouting and chasing him to stop him from removing his clothes, but she couldn't.

As his sweetheart was battling to quiet her boyfriend, luckily, some of his friends came from the road and helped calm him down. 

One of the men who was holding the boy was yelling that they ought to bring pure water and somebody aid them with the water, and they poured the water on him, then they forced him into his vehicle and sent him away.

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