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Husband and wife relationship

"My Husband is Older than My Father by 3 Years, that's Not a Big Deal to Me" Lady Says

 Oftentimes, we see women who are married to older men being mocked and shamed by society. In Ghana, we have seen younger ladies married to older men, and they become the talk of the town. Akua Asabea and Ashlorm are both ladies who married 90-year-old men.

Brenda and Ssemakula share their wonderful story of how they met on social media, became friends, fell in love and married each other. Brenda said when she introduced Ssemakula to her family, they rejected him because of his age and warned her not to marry him. Brenda defied all odds and went ahead and married Ssemakula.

 She said people always laugh at them when they go out together. Her family and her friends abandoned her because she refused to listen to them and married the man she loved. Brenda says it is six years since their marriage and they have a son, and people think that her son would look like someone because her husband is old and aged to be her grandfather.

Brenda and Ssemakula advise people to marry whoever they love regardless of the age limit, saying that marriage is all about happiness and that age does not matter in marriage. If you're a girl of 23 and you see a man of 80, go ahead and marry him if you love him.

Brenda claims she married her husband for love and not for money, despite the 53-year age gap and her husband is even 3 years older than her father.

What's your thought about these two couples, Brenda and Ssemakula? Do you agree that under age does not matter in managing and would you marry someone with a 50-year age gap?

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