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Legon Student Films Roommate 'Having A Good Time' With Her Boyfriend Behind Curtain (Video).

Just as you think you have seen it all, then another video pops up again. These disturbing videos have become rampant on the social media especially those from the High Schools and the Universities, to the extent that we now see such videos to be normal and for fun which is something not acceptable.

Being with a roommate who will hardly give you some space when your partner visits is a different kind of stress and anxiety, and these situations mostly happens to students in our various Universities. Some don't have the manner to excuse knowing fully well you have had a visitor, they will just be there trying to witness anything that goes on.

A new video has been going viral on social media, and this particular video captures the moment a young lady from the University of Ghana (Legon) was trying to tell Ghanaians and the whole world what was going on in one of the hostels on campus. This lady films her roommate 'having a good time' with her boyfriend behind curtain and the sound from the lady behind the curtain clearly tells that, she was enjoying everything.

It all started from a selfie, the young lady started by opening her front camera of which showed clearly her face, she then decided to switch from the front camera to the back camera showing it to one particular bed which was covered with a curtain.

And behind the curtain comes a strange sound as a lady was heard making some sounds that, and according to informations, her boyfriend was with her so clearly they were doing it behind the curtain. Obviously, the girl wanted to show us what the unknown students where doing.

Am just wondering how it happened, was this lady in the room already when everything started or she just bumped into the action and decided to take a short video? Was it necessary for her to do this? Please share your opinion with us.

Watch the video here

Content created and supplied by: MdkBanahene (via Opera News )

A Good Time' Legon University


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