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Divorce Affair

5 golden rules for a successful marriage you should know.

Hello fam,please welcome and follow for more.Have you been wondering why people get a divorce immediately after marriage? The rate of divorce have make people to question even if there is a genuine love on this earth.couples who seemed to be into each other during dating find it difficult to be with each other after marriage.This has set the minds of the general public to desist from marriage since the guarantee that it will last isnt known.

Marriage have been the most important stage in the lives of many people.A lot of people say that with a good marriage,one can live more than the years they've been born to live but a bad marriage will send you to your early graves.Though a lot of people marry every saturday but a lot of people are also divorcing almost a week after their union.

Here are some golden rules to a successful marriage a lot of people dont know.As we are human beings,we get angry on every little thing.Most of the time,we get angry without realising it.But whatever be the case,dont confront your angry spouse with anger.One of you should maintain their cool even if the other part is angry .No matter the situation,it can be resolved by a silent dialogue.There is no need to shout at each other during an argument.A lot of people wuit their marriage because they feel disrespected by being shout at.Amidst the argument,one of you must succumb to being a loser.When both of you have this mentality,everyone gets to win in the end.Though we get offended with the actions of our spouse from time to time but if you intent to criticize them,do it in a way that wont make them feel offended.This will make them feel appreciated even if you want them to do your bidding.Women are moved by what they hear while men are moved by what they see.Make it an effort to compliment your spouse to allow them feel special everyday.This might seem nothing but it really goes a long way in sustaining marriages.Thank for reading

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