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My boyfriend left me because I'm a Ewe in order to marry another Ewe girl, and I want a revenge

I started seeing my ex-boyfriend in 2018, and I told him straight out that I'm an Ewe. The marriage preparations and many family introductions we undertook went according to plan.

He told me that his family fiercely refused to accept me because of my tribe while we were discussing the ceremony's date.

He eventually ended our relationship, saying me he was being fair to his family. This person opted to date me while being well aware that his family disapproves of Ewes.

In 2022, when I learnt that he was getting married, I was utterly shocked to discover that the bride was an Ewe woman. I'm so upset by it that I'm thinking of getting back at him.

I want to find out the truth behind why he dumped me and why he lied about it. How can I approach asking him for the resolution I need to move on?

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