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Divorce Affair

Woman Reveals Why She Has Not Been Able To Date Another Man After She Got Divorced

A woman called Sabina Anokyewaa shared her sufferings in an interview about why she has not been able to get into any relationship after she got divorced. The woman said she was a very healthy person who worked hard to cater for herself and her two children. Just recently, she fell sick and started feeling itchiness all over her body, she lose weight within few weeks but when she went to the hospital the doctors found nothing wrong with her after a thorough examination.

What makes her sad is that she has been seeing unknown men in her room who threatened to kill her. The woman again said she lost both her parents and her two kids after she got separated from her husband. Sabina revealed that she has not been going out her room to work anymore due to the unknown men she has been seeing every day. She said it is her pastor who has been given her money to feed herself anytime they close from church.

Sabina reveals she has not been able to date any man because she is afraid that those men she has been seeing will attack the man she will be in a relationship with. She has remained single for a long time and wanted to get married again but it is very difficult for her because of the fear she had. Sabina tells that she has been going for medications at the hospital each time she had the itchiness on her body. She opened up that she needs help so that she can go to the hospital for treatment to get relief from the itchiness she has been experiencing.

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Sabina Sabina Anokyewaa


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