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Beautiful SHS Couples Chopping Love In Uniforms That Will Make You Miss School

High school is almost over, well it is over for some and there will be a new group completing today. The three years that was seen as a long period of time has finally come to a halt as the final examinations are being completed.

This final examinations will determine where the students will go next and what they actually did with their time in high school. It is a very basic judgement, fail and it means you never took your studies serious. Pass and it means you were serious with your books, well at least that is how we are judged.

Friendships are about to be broken, well, some are already broken. Those who thought they were going to live happily ever after with their girlfriends after school are now realizing what the reality is. For some, that is the end of it, for others, university will break that hope if WAEC does not break it first.

Check out these photos of some beautiful senior high school couples who will soon know how life after school feels like, flexing in their school uniforms. Follow me and check out my page for more high school content.

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