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5 Important Questions To Ask About Old Relationships Before Dating Anyone.

It is very important that before going into a new relationship, there are certain and important questions to ask before dating anyone. This is because there is information you have to know about your new partner before bringing them into your life. And the key to a healthy and happy relationship is getting to know who you're about to date before accepting.

However, it is also necessary that you get to know the good and bad of the person who you're looking forward to making your partner. So in order to achieve this, you have to know about their previous relationship and exes. So here are some certain questions you should ask your partner to know if he is truly the type of partner you want to be with.

1. What did they use to fight about?

This is an important question you should ask. If you want to get to know him very well and be aware of what they don't like, then you should consider asking him this question before accepting him. This question will tell you more about what they like and dislike. Through this question, you can learn some uncomfortable truths about them, and if you're the type that can overlook things.

2. How did their last relationship end?

Another question you can ask is how his previous relationship ended. If their breakup was mutual. Or was it calm or toxic breakups? This question will help you know how much quarrelsomeness your partner can be capable of, and if things eventually go wrong in the relationship, and how you can be able to handle it.

3. Did they cheat 

I know it can be difficult for anyone to accept such an act. However, it is not wrong if you want to know. This will only create the impression to them that you're creating an honest conversation and also bringing in new rules for a healthy and lasting relationship.

4. If they were cheating on each other.

It is also advisable to ask if they were cheated on. This is because those who have been heartbroken can develop trust issues. And that why you have to know, so you can be able to build trust in their trust in you.

5. If their ex has moved on.

It is also important to try to know if she or he is still friends with those exes. That is why this question is important. So you can know if their ex is still stuck on them, or they have probably moved on. You can also go ahead to know if their ex is dating someone new or married. You can also know if she still lives close to him. 

This is for you to know if their ex has moved on with their life, so it shouldn't be a case where they might be dating your man while he has moved on. If they are still stuck with him, then this means that they might still want to get back to him, and it may affect your relationship with them.

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