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Why Do Women Do This? - Reactions As These Ladies Were Captured Posing Like This For The Camera

Naturally, how a woman behaves is different from a man. The way a woman talk, walk, eat and pose for a camera are mostly different from how a man does. Women always want to feel loved and special among a group.

The women in your picture below have demonstrated some unique posture and this has spark arguments online. According to some Ghanaians, the posture of these ladies is a non-verbal communication technique.

These ladies have all put on their sexy dresses with their unique hats. These are very beautiful and curvaceous ladies with a class. They have also got their unique swags on. Checking the picture very well, you could notice that all these ladies have raised their left legs. The raising of their left is the talking point on social media.

A popular blogger on Facebook asks her female followers why they like raising their legs on their toes. According to him, he has seen noticed several ladies possing like this in photos. Some Ghanaians said that they don't even do this only when taking pictures but also when they are hugging men.

And in terms of hugging a man, it shows their genuine love or affection for the man. Others said that raising their legs to the toe in pictures showing that they are seeking the attention of men. Some hilariously said that it is a result of the constant wearing of heels.

Check out some of the reactions of some Ghanaians who came across this picture:

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