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10 Social Rules You Must Be Aware Of

1. If someone is giving you a ride in their car for a long period of time or fairly often then. Split fuel costs or at least offer to, smell good and don’t play your music without asking them.

2. If someone has invited you to dinner where they’re taking care of the bill, Don’t order something of a higher value than the host’s order.

3. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or woman, you can hold the door open for a person of either gender. It’s just called being kind, and nice.

4. When someone is speaking with you, maintain eye contact, and by this, I don’t mean act all creepy by not blinking even a little.

5. Always be on time, and if you can’t then let the person know that you’re running late.

6. When you see someone with a visible negative change in appearance, don’t mention it. Chances are that they already know, and don’t feel good about it. Eg: Don’t tell someone, ‘You’ve gotten fat!’

7. When you’re attending an event or a wedding, don’t upstage the host or bride. Let the spotlight be on them. It’s their day.

8. Ask for the parent’s permission before you decide to pet their newborn baby, or puppy. Some parents are extremely protective in this aspect. Respect it.

9. If you’re visiting someone’s place, and they drop hints like, ‘They’re really tired’ or that ‘They have an early morning’, take it as your cue to leave.

10. Escalator etiquette is important. Depending on the etiquette practised in your city/ country, always stand on the side where people should stand. Let me simplify this for you.

In England, you always stand on the right, and let the people who want to walk or run use the left. In some other countries, it’s the opposite. So learn, and know your country’s escalator etiquette, and stand accordingly.

Bonus: 11. Why you shouldn't urinate when someone is next to you.

A person with paruresis (shy bladder syndrome) finds it difficult or impossible to urinate (pee) when other people are around. Paruresis is believed to be a common type of social phobia, ranking second only to the fear of public speaking. Paruresis is often first experienced at school.

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