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My New Neighbour Keeps Entering My Room Whenever I Am Taking My Bath.

I'm a 26-year old final student who loves to mind my own business and I live alone in school, basically because I don't want to face the headache of dealing with roommates. I have also decided not to have a girlfriend because I don't want to be stressed, but it seems my new neighbor who happens to be a 200 level female student doesn't understand that I love solitude, she keeps looking at me in weird way and that forced me to start talking to her because I don't want to be seen as arrogant.

But recently there has been a change in her attitude, she is now too comfortable around me and laughs too often whenever I'm talking to her. I deliberately ignored this new attitude because of mutual respect, but right now, my neighbor keeps doing this whenever she hears me taking my bath in the morning and evening.

When she hears me taking my bath, she will come knocking on my door and when I tell her I'm taking my bath, she will open the door, walk into my room and wait for me to finish taking my bath, plus she always wears a crop top and bumpshot. I also observe how she changes the tone of her voice when she talks to me and she always stares at the towel around my waist. I don't know what to do about it, should I tell her to stop coming to my room?

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