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Romantic Wedding Drone crash

Love was certainly in the air for this bride and groom as a drone was romantically bringing the wedding ring to the couple on their big day. That is, until it started misbehaving and crashed into the pulpits. Luckily no one was injured.

The wedding which was happening in the church had to be stopped. After the exchange of vows, the preceding minister requested for the ring. The couple thought it will be romantic to use a drone to deliver the ring instead of the traditional way. This is due to the latest trend if delivering rings with a drone in Ghana. The drone delivered ring but as the ring was taken from the drone it started malfunctioning all attempt to bring it under control was unsuccessful, the drone then flew up moved up and down for a bit before finally crashing unto the pulpit, this made me realize being simple isn't a bad thing.

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Romantic Wedding Drone


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