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Ladies, Learn how to control your man to your liking.

Bending a Man To Your Will is Tough and It Becomes a Lot More Tougher When He Knows it, Controlling Your Man Without Him Knowing about it Takes Effort and Skills. If You Really Want to Control a Man Then It Will Make a Lot More Sense That You Control Him Without Him Knowing about it. Don’t think of this as Bad But Rather think of this as a Way to Keep Your Men In Check.

Understand Your Man Completely

Before Jumping Right Into Controlling Him, It Will Make a Lot of Sense If You Understand Him Completely. Most of the Time People Don’t spend Time to Understand their Partner Rather They Rush Into Things. I Would Like You to Take Some time and Understand Your Man Completely.

Know About What He Like What He Dispises and Make Sure to Keep all of this Profiling Hidden From Him. Don’t Try To Change His Likes. Make Sure to Double Check Everything.

Make Sure that you Understand How He Feels About Certain Things, understand what’s his Mentality is Like? Every Person Has Different Mentality Remember this and it Will Save You a Lot of Trouble.

You will spend more time with him online in the starting stages of your relationship. So, it’s very important that you know how to text a man. Without sounding desperate, your texts should attract him and make him dependent on you and that takes practice

Moreover, You should make sure that he is the one who is waiting for your text every day and every single night.

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