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Divorce Affair

Man Divorces Wife Because He Thought She Posted Her Nud€s

Marriage is a very long road that requires absolute fidelity, fidelity, respect and trust. The husband was surprised to see the wife and another man having fun.

It's hard to believe that some magic is still at work here. The couple continued to cheat on their partner every day, and when caught, their private life became public.

The man came to Shamahoho where he performed a well-coordinated act where he found his husband red-handed with a man running away when he saw him. According to a Facebook user named Simon Aswani, the man decided to take the motorbike to his parents with his naked wife.

The man met his wife at Shamahoho Guest House. Wouldn't that be better than stabbing someone with a knife, taking him on a motorbike and going straight to his parents? Simon Aswani posted a commentary photo showing the man riding a motorbike with his wife. The photo went viral on social media with a huge response.

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