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Husband and wife relationship

Marrying a wife material is key to making you happy. See what my wife is taking me through- Fiction

Whenever I move around, I hear people talk about getting yourself a wife material but I never considered those words very important. I mean, once you love a person, nothing should break the love you have for the person. Why would you block the chance of living with the girl of your dreams just because of the thoughts of some people about getting a wife material? Where do we even get a wife material and how many yards are recommended in getting the best wife material? These questions kept on ringing in my mind whenever I heard them talk about finding yourself a lady who is a wife material.

Everybody has their own principles and I was never ready to make the principles of these people affect my decisions. I got the chance to meet a lady but I never considered finding out whether she is a woman who doesn't bring trouble. Love is all I needed and not a wife material, I guess that was so stupid of me.

I had to call her one time on the phone and tell her I would be coming home with my friends so she had to do me the honor by preparing a sumptuous meal so we would feast on it when we arrived. She responded with "don't worry my dear, I will get everything set up". I was very happy when I got to hear those words. My friends were going to see how good a cook my beautiful wife is.

Fast-forward, we arrived some hours later and were waiting to be served only for her to call me to the kitchen and show me the mess she had done. This wife of mine had totally got the chicken burnt such that its appearance didn't even make it seem edible. She just had to tell me that she slept in the course of frying the chicken. I mean, who does that? It was too bad such that I got very angry but exposing her would be a very bad idea so I had to send her to a restaurant around our vicinity so she would go buy a new meat.

Let us put that down. Maybe, I have to put the blame on sleep. All these wouldn't have happened if she didn't go to bed. I had forgiven her and moved on only for me to come home and see a weird thing some days after the chicken incident.

She wasn't the type who liked cleaning and mostly, I would complain about how lazy she had been. She wasn't like that during the start of the relationship but the course of the relationship saw her change her character. I wonder what came over her. So, this lady in her quest to impress me and also say she's sorry for the burnt meat decided to clean the house.

I must say I was very impressed when I got home because I had been cleaning for a very long time. I would come home from work and see the house dirty even though, my wife is a house wife and is expected to carry out those duties. As fatigued as I was after work, I would still clean the house before sleeping because I am a businessman and usually gets visitors. I just didn't want to be disgraced in case people showed up at home.

Every thing was cool from the kitchen to the bedrooms till I saw what she had done in the hall. This lady had smeared washing soap around the television and other appliances like they were cars. Who does that?

What would make you think this is a very great idea? Who even taught her that? She was washing these electrical appliances instead of cleaning them.

That is when I realized I had made a very huge mistake. Maybe, using the word "huge" for this mistake I made is even the greatest understatement to be ever made. I never liked the idea of marrying a wife material, I thought love conquered all but I finally had to admit that it was only true at certain points. Love is good but let it not blind your eyes.

Don't make love get you blinded when choosing a partner who will stay with you all your life. Please go for a woman who is capable of managing your entire household. I have made a mistake and I am going for a divorce, never repeat my mistakes.

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