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Do These 3 Things To Make Your Girlfriend Miss You After Break up.

Most men after a break-up want their ex to miss them, but they don't know how to go about it. So I will be giving you a few steps on how you as a man can make your girlfriend miss you so much after a break-up. 

1. Ghost view her. 

As a man you are trying to make your girlfriend miss you after break up don't block her on social media if you do that will make her to forget about you fast and move on with her life, if you have her on Facebook just keep posting your pictures and post jokes on your Facebook, and don't chat her most importantly act like you not seeing her update on Facebook, and if you have her on WhatsApp mute her don't view her status, just keep posting yours she will think you have become to busy now that you don't even have time to view her own post on WhatsApp, and once she keeps seeing your post without you chatting her that along will make her to miss you so much, and she will want you to come back to her. 

2. Do not text or call her. 

After the both of you must have breakup never you text her or call her trying to act nice to her, that will make her feel that you are the one missing her, just give her some time and stay without her such along will make her to miss you because someone who you normally talk to every time, and you end up not seeing his text or call it's hard breaking that along will make her to miss you and want you both to be back again. 

3. Gain back your power position. 

After the break-up, the way you could make her miss you are by gaining back your power. That means by focusing on your life and making it better, only will make her see some wonderful changes in you, and that could make her start feeling for you. Because we all normally say Who doesn’t like a better thing, every woman needs a good man. You normally spend most of the time with her, start spending it at the gym, so you can build your muscles, make yourself the best thing you can ever be, and she will miss you.

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