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Reasons You Cannot Win The Girl Of Your Dreams

If you have made it to this article, then you are surely looking forward to leaving the singles club. Maybe you don't have any dating experience yet, so your knowledge of how to talk to girls is limited. Basically, you don't know where to start. Or, perhaps, your excessive desire to find a quick girlfriend is scaring all the girls. In this article, we will tell you why it is difficult for you to find a girlfriend, where to find a girlfriend and how to get a girlfriend, step by country and without complications.

Trust us, this works, because all the points that you will find in this article are based on the experience of other men, who have also been in the same situation. And there are many who have already found a girlfriend by following these simple steps. They, too, were eager to have a partner, and yet they were unaware of their faults.

So, we are going to share with you very specific steps so that you have 100% success when it comes to finding a girlfriend. Today is the first day of a new stage in your life. Prepared? You can't get a girlfriend. And it's not because you can't find a woman or simply because no one likes you. There are real and quantifiable reasons. Here are some of them:

1. You are not trying

If you spend your life locked up at home and don't socialize, you clearly won't get a girlfriend. You can't hope to find one without doing anything. Maybe you are too focused on your professional career and do not have time to find a girlfriend or have a relationship. In any case, you are not doing your best.

2. You lack personality, experience and confidence in yourself

Appearances attract, but it is personality that retains. Even if you are a handsome man, if you are boring you will find it difficult to retain a girl. Not having any interesting stories to tell will cause women to run away, further undermining your self-esteem. And self-esteem is very important, since it is directly related to sexual attractiveness. Despite what it may seem to you, sexual attractiveness is not so much a function of physical attractiveness, but of self-confidence. Self-esteem amplifies your physical attractiveness.

3. You don't want to take the first step

Especially if you are from the crowd, both in terms of physique and personality, you have to be proactive and take the first step. Very often when women are flirting they don't move on if the man is too shy or too nervous. You send them a signal that you don't like them, so they leave and get on with their life. Most women won't give you a second chance, especially if you've just met.

4. You are out

Bro, hasn't your mother taught you to behave? Like other human beings, women deserve respect and not to be treated as objects. Stop whistling and making weird noises to get their attention, leave that tactic only to your pets. And most importantly, keep your hands to yourself when the situation calls for it. Believe us, since the beginning of time, the horny guy never gets the girl.

5. You have no 'social proof'.

A man's 'social proof' increases his degree of attraction and self-confidence. If a man has no friends, women will most likely think 'God, if I go out with this one, I'll have him glued to me 24 hours' and nobody wants that.

6. You don't know how to talk to a woman

Do you usually screw up when you talk to a woman and get her scared out even before the flirting phase has started? Don't talk to a woman like she's one of your colleagues, especially if you've just met. He might not take it very well.

8. You are too absorbent

You have to understand that a woman wants to have her personal time and space. Chasing her and sticking to her like a limpet is something that drives most of them back. You too should do the same and have a life of your own outside of the relationship.

8. You don't take care of your appearance

Taking care of your appearance and having good daily hygiene is very important if you want a woman to notice you. Nobody likes dating a scruffy, smelly bum! Get a haircut, shave (or take care of your beard), use deodorant and brush your teeth. They are basic aspects to take into account in your daily life, which you should take into account, even if you are not trying to find a girlfriend.

9. You do not have a real idea in your head of what love or a partner is.

If you don't understand what it means to have a healthy, well-functioning relationship, it will be almost impossible for you to find a girlfriend yet. Maybe you're still stuck in your teenage years, where you don't like having to work to get things done and always having your way. Wake up! A healthy relationship is a two-way street.

10. You don't see women as human beings

It may be that you are afraid to approach a woman because you think you do not understand them. You don't know what to talk to them about or how to behave in their presence. So all you have to do is play silly jokes with your buddies. Let me tell you something all you do is show your insecurity and that gets you nowhere.

Women are not aliens. They are thinking living beings, just like you. Believe it or not, they will be able to understand everything you say. Let's just hope it's not inappropriate, that it makes you worthy of a good slap.

11. You have zero dating experience

Not having any kind of dating experience can be an obstacle, since you don't know the basic rules and you have no idea where to start. Don't worry, this article is made to help you.

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