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Disadvantages Of Having A GirlFriend

Below are some disadvantages of having a girlfriend.

1. When you have a girlfriend, you lose your friends one by one. It is only because she takes your time, like 24/7, around the clock. The bills to pay are non-stop. This is one of the cons of having a girlfriend. She just adds more holes to your fine leather pocket. The cons of having a girlfriend is for you to also go through the PMS stage and you should only get into her wrong shoes at this moment.

2. If you have a girlfriend, it is best to forget about the manly things that defines a man. If you are thinking of saying to her, think more than twice. The cons of having a girlfriend will put you in a case where you will not be able to do the things you like and want to do. This is a sharp negative point of having a girl to love. You will simply have to bow down to the new rules in your life, just to make her happy and feel good about herself. This is one of the cons of having a girlfriend. The love for football is something you cannot deny. If you tell her you love the game more than her cooking, you will be totally bowled over.

3. Another disadvantage of having a girlfriend is she always wants to have that romance. But, you on the other hand, feel it is time for a break, which can be upsetting for the lady. Therefore, it is one of the cons of having a girlfriend When you with a girl, it is mandatory to keep your phone with you at all times. You can never be forgiven if you do not answer her so called 'important' call.

4. You need to worry about your looks. “What would people say” will be the favourite one liner. Besides, you can't sleep well in time. Recharge phone twice in a week.

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