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How Do We Deal With Our Insecurities?

We have all had insecurities at some point in life. Maybe at some point, your friends have even joked about your insecurity knowingly or unknowingly and said that they were “just kidding”. 

You give them that unconvincing smile because, “Hey, I don’t want to touch on the topic right now,” or maybe, “Telling them about it will make me vulnerable.”

I know you will ask yourself that if you can’t tell them about your insecurities, are they your friends at all? Right, they are friends at the moment, but things do change and people change and you don’t want them using your insecurities to hurt you in the future, or do you?

Insecurities do not make us weak; they make us human. One may see your insecurities as stupid or little or think that they do not matter, but it is not so. No one is better than the other, although I agree insecurities do not make us weaker. 

They play a big role in our fears. You can be insecure about that acne on your face, your bank account balance, family, background, level of education, the kind of car you drive, etc.

Now, how do we deal with all these insecurities or rather what causes the insecurity? I believe that insecurities are mostly caused by comparison and thrive to achieve the societal definition of perfect or beauty. 

But still, you can be insecure about something because somebody pointed it out or as a result of bullying. If someone or a group of people keeps telling you that you have a big nose, you will start believing it one way or another.

So what about trying to accept all our flaws, embracing them with confidence and forgetting about the stupid insecurities we have.

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