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Before Entering Into A New Relationship, Avoid These Seven Pitfalls

Today's article stresses on seven pitfalls one need to avoid when entering into a new relationship if he or she wants the relationship to stand the test of time or sustain.

Being someone you are not. Just be yourself. It’ll come to bite you in the ass later if you make things up. Be honest. They’ll like you for you. If not, just.

Do not force anything. Sometimes at the beginning you might feel special with this person around, maybe you’re the only one feeling this way and the other person is just getting along with the way you make them feel. I dated a girl and I was really excited to be with her, to be her boyfriend, but in the beginning I remember me being the one doing the talking, the approaching, she just nod to everything I asked, like “do you want to be with me? Cause I do” and she just nod.

Do not fall in love with the first impression, and tho I know they are important. what you’re seeing at first is not who they really are.

If you feel like something it’s off do not ignore this feeling, might be your gut telling something is not okay. Pay attention to that feeling and find a reason why you don’t feel okay about it.

love yourself more than anything, if you don’t do it anyone else is going to do it. Specially your partner.

If someone really wants to work out things with you they will do it, they will act, not giving you words and not actions.

Talking about your ex. Not just all the time but sometimes, especially when the conversation has nothing to do with past relationships. For example, you’re having dinner at a restaurant and you hear a song that reminds you of your ex, and you say “oh, me and my ex were on a trip and this song was playing, it reminds me of blah blah blah…”

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