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Your Long Distance Relationship Is On The Verge Of Collapsing If You Notice These Signs

In today's write-up, we shall discuss about signs which shows that your long distance relationship is on the verge of collapsing.

You feel like they don’t trust you.

They might text or call you all the time about your whereabouts. Trust is very important in any relationship, but it’s doubly so in a long-distance one. Since you two don’t see each other daily, your partner only has your word to go on. If you feel like you’re constantly being questioned about what you’re doing and who you’re with, it might be time to end the relationship. A lot of times, partners will tell you that things will be different when you two are together in person. However, that’s rarely the case if someone can’t trust you when they’re far away, they’re not going to trust you when you’re in the same area.

You don’t make plans to visit each other anymore. In long distance relationship, visiting each other often can make the relationship last much longer. If you two don’t have any plans to visit each other or you’re dragging your feet about making them, it’s time to think about the relationship. This is also true if your partner has promised to come and visit you but never actually makes the plans to do so, since that could mean that they don’t actually want to see you

You don’t have the same goals.

You might differ when it comes to kids, living situations, or careers. If you and your partner have wildly different future plans, there’s a chance that your relationship might not work. It’s important to talk about these things early, so try to chat with your partner about what they see themselves doing in 5 years (and 10 years, and 20 years). If your goals don’t align, it could be time to move on. There are some things you can compromise on, like how big of a house you live in or how close to the city you are. But some things aren’t negotiable, like whether or not you want kids.

They make future plans without you.

If you two are serious, you should be planning for the future together. If you find out that your partner is making plans about housing or their career without cluing you in, it might mean that they don’t see a future with you. All of your goals should be working toward living together in the same area, and if that’s not what your partner is doing, it might be time to exit this relationship. Hearing about plans your partner has made without you can be jarring. You can talk to your partner about how the situation made you feel, and then you can decide to end the relationship if they don’t see a problem with it.

They aren’t happy for you. Maybe you tell them about your new job, and they seem pretty lackluster. Or, you share some exciting news about your hobby, and your partner couldn’t care less. In healthy relationships, significant others support and uplift each other, and they’re excited when they hear good news. If your partner can’t even muster up the effort for a “good job,” it might be a sign that they aren’t the best partner. Think back to when your partner told you good news about their life. You were probably excited for them simply because you love them, right? It doesn’t matter whether or not they’re “interested” in the new they should be interested simply because it’s you telling them.

You feel tied down or resentful.

Some people just aren’t meant to be in LDRs, and that’s okay. If you feel like your long-distance partner is keeping you down or holding you back, it’s time to end the relationship. This is especially true if you’re young or still in school you don’t want to look back on these years and think that you wasted them with someone you didn’t truly love. Again, it’s worth talking to your partner about your feelings if this is the reason why you’re considering breaking up. You never know—they might be feeling the same way.

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