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Guys, 7 Mistakes You Make When Seducing a Lady.

Here are tips for guys on how to attract a beautiful woman. All the mistakes we make can be traced back to one thing: not following the emotional process a woman goes through before she wants to sleep with a guy. As it has been said, men are like fire: burning and quickly extinguishing. Women are like water: slow to boil. To boil water we must first attract it. Second, we need to build comfort and confidence. Then she will be ready for us to persuade her.

1. Showing too much interest in sex (Start with Persuasion).

Many men show a sexual interest in a woman before attracting and endorsing her qualities. They made it clear that they were only interested in sex regardless of her as a person. It's like they say: "Don't you know I want sex?" instead of the recipient. Why not give? build peace of mind and trust. This way, you won't have to have sex with her. She'll want it from you.

2. Being Too Nice (Starting In Comfort): "The Nice Guy"

On the opposite end, other men start by building comfort. They’ll say things like: "So, where are you from? Can I buy you a drink?" It is both factual and generic. Instead, make her feel something. It is funny because the "The Nice Guy" technique also telegraphs sexual interest. By buying her drinks, giving lots of compliments, and expecting something from a girl in return, So, instead of starting in comfort with a girl, be a sexual threat. It creates sexual tension. Then you can move into comfort and get to know her. 

3. Not Qualifying Or Listening (Attracting But No Comfort): "The Player"

Some guys do start in seduction and do start in comfort but do start in attraction. The only problem is that they skip comfort and rush into sex. When he does that, he becomes a player. And a girl might feel Buyers Remorse. So, avoid making out with her in public. Save the kissing for private. Focus on building comfort instead. A great way to do this is to spend between 4-10 hours with her (7 hours on average). By not pouncing on her, you'll make her want to pounce on you.

4. Being Too Available

It's pretty normal to spend more time with the girl who fascinates you, away from your guy. However, if available, it can hurt your adventure. If she serves you at any time, you will soon stop her challenge and she will begin to appreciate it. It is not advisable to leave the boy, but men should spend time with their family and friends and participate in activities they enjoy.


She puts him through his paces before getting serious with him. They can ask you carefully structured questions that you may answer without much thought, without realizing that your possible relationships are linked to your answer... She may also knowingly ignore you, stop doing what she normally does, or just get angry to judge your reaction. This is the worst time for any man and the only way he can stay sane is if he has another girl to turn him on. Therefore, do not blacklist other girls until she is yours.

5. Being Indecisive

people are inherently responsible for things and give directions. This should not be misunderstood to mean that you should decide where, what, wh, en, and how to do things, rather than making you wear pants in a relationship. Women are attracted to men who know exactly what they want and strive for. This means you can never ask a girl for permission to kiss her! That is a crime more serious than murder.

Some men think that love should follow a certain order, otherwise, it cannot be true love.

6. Working too hard to impress her.

When a man tries too hard to impress them, women will quickly notice. Once they do, some people will blacklist this guy from potential partners, but most people will squeeze him out. It is generally believed that if a man wants to catch up with any woman, he only needs a generous bank account. Although wealth is an aphrodisiac, this alone cannot become a capable, loving, and loyal woman. In addition to having considerable wealth, a person should also seek to improve his knowledge, Cultivate his personality and take care of himself.

Therefore, don't try too hard to impress her by bragging about your achievements, giving her unworthy compliments and gifts that you can barely afford. The golden rule is to talk less and listen more. Share small details about you and encourage her to share everything about herself with you. There will be different views on her life, don't put it on your face, how outdated her ideology is.

7. Excessive jealousy.

Even though the average woman has three times as many admirers, you've never let a little competition scare you. As long as the attraction is mutual, she ignores the other suitors. Never talk or ask about the other guys in her life about her, in fact, never ask if she has a boyfriend unless she voluntarily provides this information. The green-eyed monster has a way of pushing himself to the extreme. When you are so engrossed in competition, chances are you will be tempted to speak badly of it in an attempt to make her love you. Talking about other guys not only makes you look petty, but it also puts you in your friend zone for eternity.

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