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Husband and wife relationship

My Husband Told Me He Used Juju On Me Before He Got Married To Me- Woman Cried

A woman shared her sad story on Oyerepa Fm about what his husbands told her after they got married. She said she got married to her 50 years old husband named Kwabena Gyima just last year on the 28th August 2021 but after the marriage, she did not get things smoothly as she thought. The very day they got married, her husband's nephew came to count the money they got from the events. They gave her only GHC250 to pay for her makeup and the things she used at the wedding.

She told the man he doesn't have the right to divide the money and give her share. From that day her husband always insults her, he does not give her the necessary respect. Some few months later she conceived but got complications, the doctors told her stop work, her husband too does not give her money whenever she is going to antenatal. The woman has to continue doing her work to take care of her eldest child and even her husband.

She was not staying with her husband because of her work but she later decided to go and stay with the man. Her husband told her there is no space for her to stay in his house. After she gave birth, her husband brought her only foodstuffs but did not give her any money. She fell sick after giving birth, her husband did not even give her money to go the hospital.

The woman said she has stayed alone for several years without being in the relationship. She wanted to marry a man who will love him but never thought her husband will treat her like that. The woman again said her husband told her he used Juju to marry her but if she divorce him, he will let her suffer in life. The woman reveal her husband doesn't last long when he sleeps with her.

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