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Husband and wife relationship

Dear Husbands, These Are What We Need From You For You To Win Our Heart And Commitment.

Most of you men wonder why we are not submissive to you. Sometimes, you doubt and question our love and loyalty to you. because of the way we react to your needs in bed and other areas. Despite your best efforts, you are not getting what you deserve from us.

But you must understand that every door has the right key. And there is a master key that can open every door. Every woman's heart has a special key that can open the door of that heart from the river of love, submission and loyalty can flow out. And there is a master key that opens every woman's heart, no matter their peculiarity.

Most of you men think that once you have money, you can get our submission, love, and loyalty, but the answer is no. Yes, money is important, but money is not the main thing we need.

You must be wondering right now in your heart, what then do we need? But relax and read on.

Here are what we want, dear husbands:

1. We want to be attended to in non-sexual ways, so that we can feel more emotionally connected and ready for intimacy. For example, ask us about our day and listen attentively. Wine and dine us a bit, treat us to a nice candle-lit dinner, and compliment our looks.

2. Look us in the eyes and tell us something you admire and value about us.Tell us how much we mean to you.

3. A little bit of a random act of kindness can work wonders, like making us coffee or having breakfast ready for us in the morning.

4. We women enjoy love notes. Surprise us and leave the note somewhere you know we will find it before we leave the house for the day. Or, a text simply saying, "I love you."

5. Speak to us in a kind, loving voice even though when we are wrong, don't shout at us. Let us know how much you love to see us happy. Tell us how your life is better because of us in your life.

6. Make small, affectionate gestures.Stroke our hands, our faces, our hair. Always maintain good eye contact with us.

7. Establish a weekly date night.You pick the restaurant even if there is food in the kitchen, our outfit and even our meal. This shows us you can step up and that you are completely invested in our relationship with you.

8. Try to address issues with us by having dialoguing sessions at least once a week at home. Please stay present and take turns sharing. No judging or sarcasm, it’s dirty fighting. Always consider compromising for us. And it is not everything you pay attention to. Women are silly sometimes. Remember, the goal is to come to a resolution of your issues so that your time together can be trusting, respectful and loving.

10. Help us out with the house chores (if you already do some of them, it doesn't mean you can't offer to help with half of them. If you don't do anything at home at all, appreciate what we do and always offer to help, it will show how thoughtful you are.Remember that little things mean a lot to women.

11. Always be on our side. You chose us as the person you want to live with your whole life. You should support us no matter what.

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