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Man Shares What His Girlfriend Did After He Paid Her School Fees And Also Took Care Of Her

A young man named Kofi Amoako painfully narrates what his girlfriend did after he took good care of her and also paid her school fees. The man shares that he started dating his girlfriend known as Patience when they were all in their first year in Senior High School. They continued to date till they completed school. Amoako said his girlfriend conceived after they came back home, he went with his family to perform the child's naming ceremony after she gave birth.

The man claims he advised his girlfriend to further her education, he told her that he wants to help her but his money is not enough to pay for all the fees, the lady's mother went for a loan added to the money he has and he sent the lady to the Tertiary. Amoako said he continued taking care of her and also paid for the loan his mother-in-law gave to him.

But Patience changed totally when she got to her second year, she always had a chat with her male colleagues but she denied that she is not in any relationship. Amoako said he found a voice recording on her phone which indicates that his girlfriend has another boyfriend in the school, this time around too she denied that it is not true. The man continued that he is working as a mate but he used all his earnings to pay his girlfriend's fees.

What Patience was doing made him upset so he went to invoke a curse on her that she will die if she tries to sleep with another man without the lady's knowledge. Months later, the lady fell sick and was admitted to the hospital but she again went unconscious immediately she was discharged from the hospital. It was at that point that Patience reveal the truth to their pastor that she is having another boyfriend at the school.

She pleaded with him to forgive her, Amoako too forgave her and continued their relationship. Months later the lady called to inform him that he wants to break up with him. Amoako said he went to inform his mother-in-law about it but she didn't do anything about it. Amoako concluded that he has spent a lot of money in paying his girlfriend's school fees and provided her with everything they need but she has broken up with him.

According to Patience, it is true that her boyfriend has helped her enter the Tertiary institution and also paid all her fees. She explained that her boyfriend used to sleep around with different women but still she continued with the relationship. The lady said she too fell in love with another man in the school and she dated him. She again said although Amoako went for a loan to cater for her but he always informed another person about any little issue she had with him that's why she broke up with him.

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