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Divorce Affair

Video: Netizens in awe as couple drove to their reception in a customized wedding cake car

When one is fortunate and doesn't battle a divorce after the first marriage in other to remarry, then the first marriage ceremony which should be something that must happen once in a lifetime must be a red-letter day.

It is indeed amazing how young couples ostensibly organize their wedding ceremony to be the talk of the town. People tend to incorporate the unthinkable into their memorable events to just captivate the admiration of the public.

When we think we have seen it all as far as extravagant wedding is concern in this country then a kind of wedding reception we have not witnessed before popped up onto the internet.

In a video circulating on the internet, a newly wedded couple is seen cruising in to their reception in a customized-made car cake to the admiration of all who graced their ceremony and social media users.

Netizens on seeing this kind of rarely customized wedding car cake never hesitated to make known their comments on this breathtaking scene.Below are some comments:

Link to the video:

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