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Divorce Affair

Cheating girlfriend laments

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Wonders they say, shall never end. There is this Facebook post circulating on facebook of an anonymous lady making social media go wild. The Facebook post was a direct message to socialite Kafui Danku. In it, this anonymous lady cries out her situation and earnestly requests help.

According to the Facebook post, she said she happens to be in a relationship with someone for five years with whom she has a child. She continued to elaborate that, although the person exhibits love,care and support , she ends up cheating on him.

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And to make matters worst, she is currently seeing the guy's best friend behind his back. Despite the guy knowing her character, he is still loving towards her and go to the extreme of even praying for her to change. To her, this has made her confused as she can bodly attest to the fact that he has never cheated on her. How unfair!

On her Facebook post, she wrote:"Good evening aunty, there is this guy am dating for five years now, we have one child. The guy is a very loving,caring and supportive and still I cheat on him. I don't know why? , even now am going out with his best friend. He knows that I cheat on him but he still wants to be with me. Am confused. He always pray for me to change but am not changing , am still doing it. I can boldly say he has never cheated on me ever but I'm the one cheating and he's not ready to let me go. Please I need help"


What are your thoughts. If you were to be the lady, what would you do?

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