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Is it necessary and advisable to block your Ex after a Break Up?

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Relationships no matter how beautiful they seems, are hard these days. And with the speed of digitization and technology, it is slowly becoming a whole work on its own.

But what your whole world comes crushing if that one person who you thought was everything decided to throw in the towel and call it quits on the relationship. How would you handle it?

Most people have over the years resorted to different methods of getting over their ex. Some are very strange and weird and others are just the normal things we do.

Most of the times, cutting ties is what most people do. This can be in the form of blocking or blacklisting the person's contact just so they can nurse the pain. But is it always advisable to block your ex?

Public opinion says you heal faster when you do cut ties with your ex and avoid any interactions with them. But Charley, isn't that only going to worsen the issue and make you miss them more?

Most especially, when you accidentally bump into them in town after trying so hard to avoid them at all costs. Those feelings and emotions would come rushing in and you might definitely use the "backside window." And that could even be more hurting and painful should you realize that you threw yourself at them again and nothing came out of it.

But, I guess everyone may have what works for them. We strongly believe that, cutting ties is dependent and how strong you are as a person and not just the current circumstances. There are some who would need to act free with them whiles purging themselves off all emotions, some too may want to stay away but not block or cut ties. But some may really want to end it. Probably because of how messy the break up was.

What's your take on this issue?

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