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Husband and wife relationship

My husband must make love to me everyday even during fights, to make our love glow.

It is important for couples to know their roles in the marriage. In fact , the Bible has stated that '' Men love your wives and women submit to your husbands''.

It is sad that there are many broken homes and many husbands cheat on their wives for many reasons .Some men complain about the non- submissiveness of their wives whist other men complain that the sex life is down .

" My husband has never cheated on me. I will make him fall in love every single day. You see, I have some clues to make my husband think about me even when he goes to work . During fights with him , I push my hand forcefully into his boxers and play with it. He can not stop me '' A market woman has provided some secrets on how she sustains her home.

According to Madame ESI , her husband has never cheated on her because she is the one who requests for love making every day. She explained that , she does not allow her husband to starve for love making but she rather chases him with it . She advised married couples to love each other and not keep love making from each other . She mentioned that love making has a way of bonding the couples and she always sat on her husband to spark his feelings. She explained that she enjoys wearing lingerie and beads to spark up love making and to excite the husband to do it more than she wants .

Kindly comment, follow and share . Do you think her husband has never cheated? What do you make ofthe woman's advice to our young couples ?

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